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June 1, 2018

After nearly 4.5 years, the Nova team is proud to present the first full version of our visual novel! Thank you so much to all of our followers and supporters who have been patiently awaiting for this day to arrive. We hope you will enjoy all the hard work and passion we put into this project and have fun partaking in this journey across Diolacov with Merona and her friends. :) Download the ZIP file for Mac or PC below. If you experience any troubling bugs or have any feedback at all, please contact us and we will get back to you ASAP.

Check out our opening video!

Full Synopsis:

For years now, monsters have been a growing problem in Diolacov Kingdom. Their origin and behavior are a mystery, and a solution to control them has yet to be found. One day in the forest, novice magic student Merona encounters a monster while collecting plant life for study. At a crucial moment, she somehow manages to save herself by turning the monster into an innocent animal! Merona is then sent on a journey by her academy with a team of companions to travel over the forests of the kingdom to discover more about monsters and how she can transform them. What lies ahead is much more than what everyone had expected…

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    I just finished playing the game (only Duran's route)... I  just gotta say, I am so impressed. I love how long the game was, first of all, it's shocking. In a good way. I love long visual novels! The longer, the more interesting, and the more story/lore there is in there. 

    Second of all... I love Duran.  He's 100% my type and what's even better is that I didn't get a bad ending! In other games, I keep getting bad endings, but finally, I can revel in my success of capturing a character's heart the first time. 

    I also love the amount of CGs there were. It really made the game feel more real than it already did. Whatever you did to this game to make me want to play it every day, it worked. Seriously. Went to school today and I couldn't stop wanting to play! This has to be one of my favorites. Compared to games I've bought (which were also professionally made by a whole development group), this is basically on the same level.

    Also, I love the rest of the characters and how different you made each of them. I could barely find any similarities when it came to face shape and body shape. 

    Another thing, I took so many screenshots because of how BEAUTIFUL the art was, I couldn't resist. I took about 37 of them! 

    To finally wrap up my humongous paragraph, the antagonist. Wow, the antagonist. I felt bad for her, but I really hated her too! But I guess that's the antagonist's purpose. The story digs deep and that's what makes it so good.

    Thanks for making this visual novel, it brightened up my life. Mainly because I finally get to date a virtual guy that's not taller than me/the main character. And because the story was amazing. 


Story: 10/10

Art: 10/10

The Urge To Want To Play: 100/10

Duran: 100/10


Hi, I am really interested in the game, however I don't deal well with getting bad endings (i tend to take these stories to seriously and im not looking for emotional pain unless there is a happy ending). How should I avoid bad endings and how should I get the best endings for the love interests?


Ngl I kind of want an afterstory of sorts- I want to see tall Duran ;; (lol)

I really loved this~ Thank you for the story!

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed. ^^ Haha, maybe someday there will be an after story...

So, overall I loved this game, but uh...I did a dumb. I downloaded this game with an interest in Rett and was totally all for romancing him first, but then decided little Tsundere Duran was right up in my taste so I went for him first. And then while starting my second play through intent on romancing the pants off of Rett or Prowen I realized...this game only has the options of Duran and Lexan. I'm crying on the inside guys. I'm legit crying like Prowen I can understand not being an option because of the age gap and despite me falling absolutely in love with that boy I can totally understand why he wasn't. BUT WHY COULDN'T I ROMANCE THE PANTS OFF OF RETT?! I don't know that boy's age, but he couldn't have been that much older than MC if you could romance Lexan (whom I also don't know the age of), but like...pls, I loved Duran, but Lexan ain't even close to my radar. Guess I'll just be satisfied with my one play through.


Sorry for the late reply!
I'm part of the developer team and just found your comment by coincidence. :D

We only made Lexan and Duran romancable partly because we didn't think about the possibility of making more romance routes. (But also we didn't have much experience in making visual novels and thus would probably still be working on it to get the additional contents for more storylines done... )
I'm seriously honoured that you'd like to romance Prowen and Rett too. T///T
Thanks so much for playing our VN!

Your comment made my day!


This game looks awesome! Thank you for all your hard work, kudos.


Thank you so much! :) We hope you enjoy playing~

Never able to download it, it always stop in the middle of the progress

Apologies for the late reply--try out this MediaFire link: http://bit.ly/novafull1_0download


s'kay and xanx a bunch for the reply xD it works rly well

Woah... Out of the 11 minutes of playtime I've spent, I'm already hooked on this novel! I already started getting attached to the first character and the story is so catching and amazing! I'll definitely clock more time into playing, this looks really fun and moving, I can already tell I'm going to enjoy reading and listening along!


Thank you so much! We hope you continue enjoying and getting to know the characters and the story! :)

After another session, I've definitely been enjoying reading the novel, it has an amazing story and I really like the characters! (I already like Kreita, Cimaria and Rett.) Although I already missed the Voice Acting after it stopped after a few moments into the game, I enjoyed Merona's Voice Actress. Great game, definitely going to keep reading! ^_^

Wonderful, so glad to hear this! Get ready for all of the antics that are yet to come in the story. ^^


I just have some questions. How many endings does it have ? Is there romance? If there is multiple endings is there a skip read button for when re-reading?

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Nova has nine different endings (three main endings but with three variants each regarding certain earlier choices), there is the option for romance (two love interests). And yes, you can choose the option to skip read messages by pressing Ctrl.

I hope this helps! :)

Thank you!

Hello. Would you have a walkthrough of the game? Or a hint on how to unlock the endings, at least? I've reached six endings, three for Duran and three for Lexan. I don't know how to get to the remaining three and am missing two CGs. Thanks~

Hi! We do not have a walkthrough of the game, but as a little hint, the remaining endings center about Merona herself, and not the relationship between the two love interests. When you make your choices throughout the VN, consider how they affect her relationship with other characters besides Duran or Lexan, or how they affect mainly herself. Hope that helps, and thanks for playing!

It helps, thanks! I enjoyed the VN. :)


aaaa super late but congrats on the release of the full version! can't wait to play it soon :D i'd throw my money at you guys if i could


Haha, thank you! It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here :) hope you’ll have fun playing it!!


Wow, I had the demo setup on my computer for ages and now I decided to try it you guys release the full game! Unfortunately, I cannot support you financially, but I wanted to say a big THANK YOU for making this game! Looking forward to it!

Thank YOU for downloading it and trying it out! And as long as you enjoy your play through, that’s what matters most. ^^

Any updates? :)


We're very close to releasing the full game (for real this time haha)! It'll definitely be out within this year, probably around the fall, so wait just a little bit longer. ^^ We do have monthly status updates and previews of sprites/CGs/BGs/etc. on our social media pages, so check them out if you're interested!


Thank you for taking the time to reply :)


Seems like a nice project. Played the demo and it piqued my interest. I have a question. Who is romanceable and who isn't?

Thanks for playing! Lexan and Duran are the only two who are romanceable for the MC, and you can see their sprites on the page.


I'm kind of disappointed. Usually, an otome game has at least three pursuable characters...two is just ...


Though Nova can be categorized as an otome game, romance and pursuing a relationship isn't its main focus--the focus is mainly on the plot and character development. It's not like there's a complete absence of romance from it, so I hope you will still try out the full game and see if you like it! Our team has been working hard to deliver a great visual novel and would love for you to enjoy the story/world of Nova.

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We should learn to be content and appreciate every creator's games. They take a lot of time and hard work in their hands to finish. We should be thankful rather than ask for too much-- not when the full game hasn't even been released yet. Just saying.


i lok forward to seeing this finished!

Thank you so much! Hopefully, it should be rolling out by the end of this year or early 2017. :3