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June 1, 2018

After nearly 4.5 years, the Nova team is proud to present the first full version of our visual novel! Thank you so much to all of our followers and supporters who have been patiently awaiting for this day to arrive. We hope you will enjoy all the hard work and passion we put into this project and have fun partaking in this journey across Diolacov with Merona and her friends. :) Download the ZIP file for Mac or PC below. If you experience any troubling bugs or have any feedback at all, please contact us and we will get back to you ASAP.

Check out our opening video!

Additional translations and voice overs will be updated in later versions, so look out for more updates later on.

Full Synopsis:

For years now, monsters have been a growing problem in Diolacov Kingdom. Their origin and behavior are a mystery, and a solution to control them has yet to be found. One day in the forest, novice magic student Merona encounters a monster while collecting plant life for study. At a crucial moment, she somehow manages to save herself by turning the monster into an innocent animal! Merona is then sent on a journey by her academy with a team of companions to travel over the forests of the kingdom to discover more about monsters and how she can transform them. What lies ahead is much more than what everyone had expected…


The demo to this visual novel, Nova: Synthesis Creaturum, is now released! We have been working hard for quite some time on it and hope that you will anticipate its arrival. Enjoy this little taste! More info below.

Synopsis: A forest is lush with life, but what other beings can be encountered? One day while collecting plant life for study, novice magic student Merona meets something unexpected that will change both the known and unknown.

Play-through Length: 5-15 minutes

Languages Available: English, German, and Portuguese

Extra: Contains fanart gallery with drawings of Merona from several deviantART members.

Zusammenfassung: Ein Wald ist üppig an Leben, aber welche anderen Wesen können gefunden werden? Eines Tages trifft die Magierschülerin Merona, während sie Pflanzen für Studien sammelt, etwas Unerwartetes, das sowohl Bekanntes und Unbekanntes verändern wird.

Spiellänge: 5-15 Minuten

Verfügbare Sprachen: Englisch, Deutsch und Potugiesisch

Extra: Eine Fanart-Galerie mit Zeichnungen von Merona von verschiedenen deviantArt-Mitgliedern.

Sinopse: Uma floresta certamente transborda vida, mas que outros seres podemos encontrar nela? Um dia, uma estudante de magia novata, Merona, encontra algo inesperado enquanto coletava plantas para um estudo que mudará tanto coisas conhecidas quanto desconhecidas.

Tempo de jogo: 5-15 minutos

Línguas disponíveis: Inglês, Alemão e Português.

Extra: Contém uma galeria de desenhos de fanarts da Merona feitos por diversos artistas do deviantArt.

Demo Credits:

Made with the Ren'Py visual novel engine

Production Team

Allan Newman - Soundtrack Composer
Dorrell Ettienne - Soundtrack Composer
Marionette - Programmer
Naomi - Main Coloring Artist
sailormarymoon - Beta Reader
SomedaySakuhin - Artist (Design, Sketches, Coloring Assistant, User Interfaces), Beta Reader, Audio Editor, Story Idea Author
thestringsofgold - Story Writer, Project Manager, Social Media Manager

Voice Actors

Mel Gorsha: Merona
Ryan Niederkorn: ???


Attribution 3.0 Unported
inchadney – Cuckoo (Shortened by SomedaySakuhin)
BlastwaveFx.com – Monster Snarling

Sampling Plus 1.0
WeldonSmith - cricket2dopecho.wav

Public Domain
nille - Nature Ambiance

Official Site
WIP Blog


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Nova_Synthesis_Creaturum-Demo-1.0-all.zip 146 MB

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I just have some questions. How many endings does it have ? Is there romance? If there is multiple endings is there a skip read button for when re-reading?

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Nova has nine different endings (three main endings but with three variants each regarding certain earlier choices), there is the option for romance (two love interests). And yes, you can choose the option to skip read messages by pressing Ctrl.

I hope this helps! :)

Thank you!


aaaa super late but congrats on the release of the full version! can't wait to play it soon :D i'd throw my money at you guys if i could


Haha, thank you! It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here :) hope you’ll have fun playing it!!


Wow, I had the demo setup on my computer for ages and now I decided to try it you guys release the full game! Unfortunately, I cannot support you financially, but I wanted to say a big THANK YOU for making this game! Looking forward to it!

Thank YOU for downloading it and trying it out! And as long as you enjoy your play through, that’s what matters most. ^^

Any updates? :)


We're very close to releasing the full game (for real this time haha)! It'll definitely be out within this year, probably around the fall, so wait just a little bit longer. ^^ We do have monthly status updates and previews of sprites/CGs/BGs/etc. on our social media pages, so check them out if you're interested!


Thank you for taking the time to reply :)


Seems like a nice project. Played the demo and it piqued my interest. I have a question. Who is romanceable and who isn't?

Thanks for playing! Lexan and Duran are the only two who are romanceable for the MC, and you can see their sprites on the page.


I'm kind of disappointed. Usually, an otome game has at least three pursuable characters...two is just ...


Though Nova can be categorized as an otome game, romance and pursuing a relationship isn't its main focus--the focus is mainly on the plot and character development. It's not like there's a complete absence of romance from it, so I hope you will still try out the full game and see if you like it! Our team has been working hard to deliver a great visual novel and would love for you to enjoy the story/world of Nova.

(Edited 1 time) (+4)

We should learn to be content and appreciate every creator's games. They take a lot of time and hard work in their hands to finish. We should be thankful rather than ask for too much-- not when the full game hasn't even been released yet. Just saying.


i lok forward to seeing this finished!

Thank you so much! Hopefully, it should be rolling out by the end of this year or early 2017. :3